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Manga The Deathless

Permanecer despierta toda la noche, Stay Awake All Night, Trú Dạ Liên Miên, Zhouye Lianmian, Zhòuyè liánmián, 昼夜连绵

Synopsis The Deathless

An arbitrary god of death vs. An immortal girl, for me, you’re irresistible and deadly temptation. Exquisite drawing style, exciting story, a super popular fantastic comic! An ordinary girl as she is, she possesses the eyes of death which can make her see the death rate of others. Even if she’s troubled, she has no access to death! Hearing her calling, the god of death comes for her. However, it’s useless? What will happen between a girl who desires death and the god of death who cannot kill the girl? What’s the secret of the girl’s super power… =============== She is a normal girl, but she has the “eye of death” and she can see the mortality rate of other people. When he suffered this she tried to kill himself many times, but she could not die! Upon hearing his call, the god of death came. However, even death does not help her. What kind of spark will be the initiation between the girl who wants to die and the god of death who will kill her? What kind of secrets are hidden behind the skill of the girl? … Dancing with the god of death is a deadly temptation that can not be resisted? Original Manhua Official English Translation
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