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Manga Taming the Cat Master

Meo Meo dịu dàng đi nhé!, Truyện tranh Meo meo dịu dàng đi nhé, ترويض سيد القطط, 고양이, 주인님을 길들이다

Synopsis Taming the Cat Master

A cat went in the hot-tempered KANG Jae-Young’s villa. Forbid approach to my room and my library. Things must be always in place. I hate messy things and clamor. Just follow the rules! Darn! >v< I won’t be daunted. It’s not like that I want to live passively and say no other words but “meow meow”. Seems to be acting modestly, and all of a sudden extrudes the claws while sounding “Grr..” like a wild cat. Kya~! Now can love be formed?!! Let’s wait and see. The vicissitudinous cohabitation diary~
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