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Manga Shin Angyo Onshi

Angyo Onshi, Blade of the Phantom Master, Le Nouvel Angyo Onshi (French), Phantom Master: Dark Hero from Ruined Empire, Shin Am Heng Eo Sa (Shin Angyo Onshi), The New Secret Royal Inspector, Tân Ám Hành Ngự Sử (Vietnamese), Árnybíró (Hungarian), Новый Амхэн Оса (Russian), 新暗行御史 (しんあんぎょうおんし), 신암행어사

Synopsis Shin Angyo Onshi

Based on historical setting of Korea during the Josun Age. Long ago, in Jushin, secret royal inspectors named “Angyo Onshi” wandered the country and restored the order. But now that Jushin is destroyed, only one is still wandering.
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