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Manga Ojou to Banken-kun

A Girl & Her Guard Dog, A Girl and Her Guard Dog, Tiểu Thư Cùng Phiên Khuyển Quân, الانسة والحارس, องครักษ์พิทักษ์หวานใจ (Thai), お嬢と番犬くん, 大小姐和看门犬

Synopsis Ojou to Banken-kun

Senagaki Isaku will be a first year high school student starting in spring. Her grandfather is the third head of the Senagaki group, a yakuza organization, so she is feared by those around her. However, starting from spring, she hopes to make normal friends and normally fall in love. She is admitted into a high school further from her hometown, however, the overprotective young head of the Senagaki group, Utou Keiya, falsifies his age and enters the school with her through a backdoor admission…?! Keiya proclaims that love is too early for her although Isaku is perfectly ready. In truth, she has held an unrequited love for Keiya for quite some time.
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