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Manga Ohayou Toka Oyasumi Toka

Good Morning or Good Night, Good Morning? Good Night?, Good-Morning's and Good-Night's, Ohayou to ka Oyasumi to ka, おはようとかおやすみとか, 早安晚安

Synopsis Ohayou Toka Oyasumi Toka

“When you lose something, there is something that you remember.”Hinata Wahei, a 28-year-old professional house-building planner, with the sole ambition to start his new single lifestyle, was suddenly forced to live together with three sisters from his father’s second marriage. The unforeseen co-existence is filled to the brim with trouble, as Wahei adheres to a self-sufficient, no-family-sentimentalisms personal code, having been raised as an only child in a family marred by divorce.A story about a small family of four. It’s a tale that goes from “I’m home” to “I’m off”, and from “building … More…
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