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Mangás Takemitsu Zamurai

Bamboo Samurai, Samurai of the Bamboo Sword

Synopsis Takemitsu Zamurai

Early one New Year's morning, rounin samurai Senou Souichirou sets foot in Edo's Katagi tenements. Though he appears to be a cheerful and well-mannered man, the inhabitants of the tenements initially regard him with fear and suspicion. Kankichi, a carpenter's son, thinks that he is not human; the neighbourhood cats converse about how "that man reeks of blood". Ignoring the hostile reception, Souichirou pawns his sword, inserts a bamboo replica into the sheathe at his waist, and settles down to a seemingly normal life in the village. He befriends Kankichi and earns the trust of both children and adults alike; soon becoming the new school-teacher. Months pass, and all appears to be well. But Souichirou knows that wherever he may go, trouble and disaster will invariably follow...
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