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Read Dream Talking in the Hidden Mountain manhua – Dream Talking in the Hidden Mountain manga update free at Bibimanga.Com Hidden in the mountain rain, an ancient love story is narrated, one about a willful princess and the man she fell in love with. Infatuated by his mysterious worldly looks, princess Yu Ji decides to marry Ah Jiu on a whim, being of a lower rank than her, stripped off from his home and forced into marriage, Ah Jiu struggles in silence, bearing the weight of his own secrets. Incapable to convey his thoughts and feelings, several misunderstandings arise between the two. Will Ah Jiu be able to speak his mind and express his doubts? And how will the princess win over Ah Jiu’s love? Together, in the quietness, warmth and yearning start to grow.

Status: OngoingAuthor: Zhang jing

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